Thursday, February 16, 2012

bonus vs knowledge

As planned, my last day at bank islam will be on end of march. Then i'll start with my marriage leave. Happening sebab masih eligible for marriage leave 10 days. Hik hik.
Last week, our sweet Baiti resign not-so 24h even she eligible to do so. So our dearest bos told me about my promotion. Yup, i got the promotion. Ubfortunately, its just 10%. I got almost 40% at new place. Timbal balik, its better for me to go.
Another thing, she asked to take over baiti's project. And i said yes. N now suffering. Hahaha.
Okey. Not so suffering sebab its new knowlwdge so i need 200% to work hard to learn all new things. And alhamdulillah. Allah permudahkan. So far, DEMAM. Haha. After 3 days training n all the muka tebal keep asking question, i get the pictures.
Sadly i do everything with my heart. Nak tolong bos yg kekangan staff.
Tapi ada suara yang mengugat saya.
Dah nak berenti buat apa keje teruk lagi? Rilex n buat bodo je la.
Ko buat keje ni pun sah sah tak dapt bonus.
Gugah sedikit hati. Terpikir juga, aku bkn dpt bonus pun kan.
Tapi tak pe, bonus vs knowledge. Knowledge wins!
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