Friday, November 11, 2011


Assalamualaikum & barakallah Friday..

I bought this PEPERO masa kat Langkawi. Dan sedap je makan begitu sahaja.

Today is 11.11. it is PEPERO DAY; if you are live in Korea. Hehe. Since I’m the one who is so addicted to Korean cultures, so, yeay! Its PEPERO DAY today.

How 11.11 could be PEPERO day? What the heck is PEPERO?

PEPERO is kind of snack which is so yummy and err yummy. It’s a stick filled with chocolate yummy. So, stick = 11.11. get it? Well, 11.11 looks like stick so, its kind a awkward to say STICK day. Macam sticky je kan? So, nak Nampak lagi yummy, called it as PEPERO Day.

More story about PEPERO.

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