Sunday, October 2, 2011

hectic week

Last saturday. Eh no.yesterday was saturday. N our mum n dad; beloved mak n engku came to kl by bus for a wedds stuff. Those who ever engange to this experience, know how hectic it will be.
Those nikah outfit.
Sanding outfit.
The themes.
Families out fit.
Families themes.
The door gifts.
The favors. Huh...
And off course, the MONEY!
Its such a tiring for walking over the jln TAR and masjid jamek n mydin. And keep eating coz our engku enioys eating a lot.
Melepek n melepak while waiting.
Then visit our ema at iium. Haha. So funny on how she couldnt even lied to me. Coz all my instinct was true. I know u ema.
No. I actually have great instinct about persons who i loved n care. Called it as foolish instinct, coz sometimes i tried not to believe it even finally it was so true.
Okeh. Back to ema's. Haha. Kelakar ok. Telling me youre at ur room. But well u r my lil sis whom i taken care since theday first u were born. So i know you well. My dear sis, take care ur issues well. Its kind of experience that u have to went through. Lucky ur BFFs are your hot sisters, ok. Hehe.
Then drive to home sweet home with cat n dogs rains. Lucky we manage to safely and keep talking with mak. Sleep.
Wakeup early for food. Huhu. I ate ikan patin buah which can cost u rm20 per slice. But aki mat at pasar was so kinnnnnnd gave us rm30 for the whole it self. With free two ikan talapian salai which my mum cook for masak lemak cili padi.
God, so yummy. And i ate twice. I cant get boring will patin.Haha.. Then so.sleepy while driving.
Safely arrived at kl at 8. After visiting my future family in law. Huhu. Damn tired. N i think my face get burned. Huh.
So lets sleep foe better monday.
P/s; can i asked ipad2 for wedding gifts? This galaxy s is getting smaller la.. Isk.
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