Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bring The Boys Out!

My Fb will full with all status about The Boys. Yes. I love Snsd so much till cant let them go even a minute. The new mv was release today but i can watch it at 11pm yesterday, msia's time. Cant get enough of it. Amazing. How they can be in 100 chart of iTunes within couple of hour.? Thats the power of 9!
hows the mv? Huh. Such a worth to wait.
I love how pretyy is Hyo. Her dance, cant denied it. But she got lot of lines. Woahhh!
I love Jessica when she hold the pigeon and let it go. So grace.
I love tiffany recently. She is so pretty.
Tae's the leader. Cant fight on her voice! Amazing.
Sunny? Got new look huh? So fresh. So into her.
Yuri. Notice she got more on dance.
OMG. Soo yong, why you are so hot?!
Seo Hyun, pretty lady with the height. Gojes!
Yoona. Yoona. Yoona. Face of SNSD. Hehe.
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