Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Transformers 3

I have to review this movie. In ENGLISH. So that Steven Spielberg and Micheal Bay will know what the exact happening to their Transformers 3.

Its totally a trash. Err. I wish I could say more harsh word. Its rubbish!

Sam Witwicky is useless, nonsense to be in the part 3. He’s no use anymore. Its only a battle between Decepticons and Autobots. Part 2, I can understand the important of Sam and his Girlfriend. Because Sam got information with him. In his brain. But, part 3? His parents, with all the advice on woman? Huh? What Sam can do? He cant even have a deal with Decepticons to stop the war. He doesn’t even hold a gun in his hand. Pathetic. Just crying seeing his Bumblebee almost died. That’s it?

And Carly? With all the catwalks, and dress designed to show her boob. Huh. Make up, 24h done. Pretty. Lipstick always touches up even in the conflict situation. What the hell? Not even a scratch on her face? Or blood? Heel, they are surviving from the collapse building! Huh.

First time ever, the film makes me so sleepy. I even slept for a few times!

Damn it. Stop transformers. Its overdone. Overcook. And its burnt.

p/s: dialog di atas hanya gurauan ye, Micheal Bay.

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