Monday, June 27, 2011

Korea Part 5a : 6 June 2011 – Nami Island

Apa mahu cerita pasal Nami Island?

Its also known as Republic of Naminara. As we know, its location for Winter Sonata. Wonder why Korea preserve this place, instead of other filming location?

Here the story, from Cecilia, the Korean itself.

Before this, people don’t know about Korea. Wonder where Korea located. Wonder what kind of lifestyle Korean have. Are they like Africa? Or China?

So, when Winter Sonata was airing to many country and almost all over the worls, I think, people slowly notice about Korea. Their language, fashion, technology and customs. Korea was uplifted to the international market, as a result of Winter Sonata. Honestly, I don’t watch it. Its so sad. And they keep crying. Hehe. But the scenary is so lovely.

What I most realize in Korea, they really preserve the precious treasury. Wherever we go, its keep clean and neat.

To reach Nami Island, we just ned to ride a boat, 15 minutes from the Jetty. We don’t know the fees because all in the package :P so heaven. Its look like we having free tour. Hehe.

They appreciate those who involve in developing of Nami Island, all the ahjussi, & ahjumma

STATUE of the hero & heroin of Winter Sonata

Won Bin ~ masih menjadi kesayangan

The FIRST KISS scene

Dalam Ferry, sudah mahu balik. sebab semua dah kelelahan

So, we enjoy the sceneary, The FIRST KISS, STATUE, Memorial for the second actor, and other lovely place. Its so enjoyable. Almost noon, Nami Island gets crowded because people start coming for picnic.


Our Diaries said...

best nye...g korea..asyik tengok citer korea je kan. Nak jgak gi tempat diaorang.

hanys said...

Tu la dr zaman belajar gkcite korea. Teringin sgt.bla dh ada duit, tu yg egi tu. Dr bln 11 thn lepas plan..

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