Saturday, June 25, 2011

Korea Part 4b : 5 June 2011 – Teddy Bear Farm,Myeongdong City & Hectic traffic

Seusai makan, terus bergerak ke Teddy Bear Farm. Wah. Teruja sangat. Yalah, tengok cerita Goong punya pasal, rasa Teddy Bear sangat comel dengan segala ekspresi.

Apa lagi bergambar dan bergambar dan bergambar sampai muka naik lebam. Tapi tetap maintain senyum J

Usai berpenat lelah di Teddy Bear Farm, kami ke Myeongdong City pula. As Cecilia told us, this is Winter Sonata’s City. No wonder, all the street got their picture.

Etude House~ enjoying the perfect cosmetics products! I love the Peeling & BB Cream. Sangat best!

With Song Sam Dong!

With Lee Min Ho ~ aww.. sarangae

Shu Min Ah ~ hug me too

Finally we are heading to our hotel~ near to Nami Island. But, we stuck in hectic traffic for 4 hours. its terrible for the driver. poor ahjussi. we feel so pity to him. but he aplogize to us for making us hungry, so sweet ahjussi. we arrived at hotel around 10pm. we dont even have energy to eat, even its a seaweed soup. looks so delicious, but all of us a totally exhausted. huuh.


Rtp Farra Arisha said...

wahh, u seems funn :)

hanys said...

yes, definitely! its such a great tour. tired becoz we need to walk and walk and walk. but its such a fun!

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