Thursday, June 23, 2011

Korea Part 4a : 5 June 2011 – Mount Seorak & Fish Market

Lovely morning with lovely sunshine!

Selepas breakfast yang yummy sebab ada telur goring seorang sebijik, untuk menjamin perut kami yang lebar ni, kami bergerak ke Mount Seorak.

As Cecilian explain (if not mistaken because of sleepy), Seo means snow on the top and Rak means flower at the bottom. She’s been in the situation whereby there was a snow on the top and flowers at the bottom. Its awesome!

Its Sunday, and the next Monday will be Memorial Day (6 of June), so will off day. So, many people took the opportunity to go picnic and hiking.

Its jammed. So Cecilia asked us to walk about 10 minutes before we took cable car which schedule on 10 am. Its 9.30 already and we walked about almost 2km! pergh! Pernat gila tak payah nak cakap apa lah. So, we took cable car at 10.30am. poor Cecilia, been scolded by the Ahjussi. Isk.

Its was such a very nice view during in the cable car. Speechless. So, to go up to Mount Seorak, we need to hiking a bit. OMG. So I hike with no shoes, its feel better. Haha.

But its totally WORT it! The scenery was so beautiful. Like in the painting. Expensive panting! Its so lovely. AMAZING!

Hilang penat jalan 2km. kat Malaysia pun tak pernah jalan 2km, jalan sikit je dah mengeluh!

We took a lot of pictures. Its quite scary because nothing can hold us from fall down. Huhu. Korean so attract to us, its either because of our tudung, or face or language or we are pretty ^_^. Huhu.

Kemudian bergerak turun ke bawah dan pergi ke patung Budhha yang sangat besar. Please take note, air kat sini agak mahal. Souvenir juga. Air mineral boleh cecah 3000 won which equal to RM9 sebotol. Its due to people really wanted it. So, bring water a lot. But we are rich right? 520 000 won, and its not used yet. Huhu.

We having our lunch at Fish Market. Wah, makan ikan hari ini. Best sangat. Sebab sangat sedap dan tasty. Yum! Rasa nak makan lagi. Seriously, makanan Korea, rasanya unik. Tak sama dengan Malaysia. Mungkin penggunaan Kimchi, minyak bijan and seaweed kot yang menyebabkan rasanya unik.


Next, Teddy Bear Farm and Hectic jammed for four hours waiting for us! * wink* wink*

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