Thursday, April 14, 2011

Three times rules

Have you have ever heard about Three Time Rules (TTR). I came across read this kind of rules. Usually it more apply at office environments. But I do agree It can be applied to our daily routine too. Basically, for new comer, new staff, don’t be so shy if senior asked you for a drink, or for a lunch or for window shopping. Frankly, don’t often reject their request. They tried hard to get used to you as a new staff. But if you keep reject their invitations, trust me don’t get offense when they just go for lunch without asking you together!

Its applied to your daily life too. People get annoyed if you keep saying no for what ever they try to get you into. Reject their invitation to go out, reject invitation to go for dinner or even for what they prepared for breakfast or lunch. At the certain point, they will ignore either you eat or not, you do well or not, and then here you go, how helpless you are.

I my self try hard not to break the promise I made to my friends. If I said, I will come to their wedding; I will try hard to get a time to attend even how far it is. Because I know, how the trust is build from the fulfill promise you make. Don’t be, until at one point people will soo get surprise if you made to fulfill the promise. Don’t!

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