Thursday, April 7, 2011


I saw her every time I queued for Nasi Kerabu Goreang. She’s Chinese, age between 30 to 35, I guess. Drive latest two door Mercedes. With pony tail and suits. My colleague said, ‘oh, dia ni memang tak suka beratur. Terus pergi order je’.

Then, I said, ‘tak pe, kita tengok’. What makes her entitled to do stuff like that? Then, the makcik smiled at her and just go to her car and take huge plastic bags with a lot of packed Nasi Lemak. Then, we know, she’s regular customer.

And today, amazingly, she parks her car side. And go to the stall. Take the ‘kertas minyak’, folded as the makcik always do. Put about two scope of Nasi Kerabu Goreang, a little bit of ‘paru’ and thos 3 types of sambal. Folded properly. Put in the plastic. And pay to the makcik and drove away her car. Hah. So regular customer, then!

p/s: I told my colleagues, how about we asked to packed our Nasi Kerabu Goreng also?

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