Friday, April 8, 2011

Imam; for the first time

Its not easy to be the Imam for prayer. Especially for a woman, I guess. Its really need a courage. I, once, for the first time, asked by senior at Matriculation Centre of IIUM to lead the Maghrib prayer. The makmum (follower) is not big, by the way. Jut the four to five of us. I take the challenge. Honestly, I’m not so good in memorize short surah. But I still have about 10 to 12 surah that I can memorize easily. Since the Maghrib prayer, I have to recite 2 short surah. Its better and encourage to recite two different surah. But, I really blanked and panic, I recite the same surah! After finished wirid and doa’, my senior hug me and tell me’ well done, sis. And she added, Awatnya hang baca surah sama? ( why you recite the same surah?) and she laughed. A lot. Its an experience. Worth. People put trust on us to lead. To be Imam. Calm and courage is important.

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