Monday, April 11, 2011

Bold and confident

When we were young, we’re bold. Right?

No fear. I myself admit that.

I was 18 when I first in KL. Further study in Matriculation Centre of IIUM, at Petaling Jaya. Of course, registered accompany by family. Then, when I first need to get back to hometown, Jerantut, I accompany with my Temerloh’s friend, Salmi. Then, I get bold and fooled enough to get back to KL, alone. My friend wants to take a little bit late ticket. But I, boldly insist to get the early ticket. So, reach KL, at Pekeliling, I took STAR to Masjid Jamek. Then, I should take PUTRA Masjed Jamek to Asia Jaya. During that time, the one with side have Burger King is underground. We need to lift down and walk through the tunnel to get the PUTRA. Unfortunately, I really don’t know about that. Why my friend makes it look so easy to me? I called by BF which currently at Sepang. I cried a lot. He asked me to asked people around. I insist not to. I’m scared people will kidnap me. So bold, yet so fooled. Finally, I get the PUTRA.

During our younger time, we so bold to go to Petaling Street. Just the two of us. Truth, we don’t scare at all. Walk past by the entire stall. Asking the price from the entire seller with huge tattoo. But, know even I was given a beg of money, I wonder should I go? Am I fooled enough to go to the dangerous Petaling Street?

And how bold are we, and fooled again, we follow totally stranger, man called himself ‘abang Is’. Its totally an experience, until know we really thankful, nothing happened to us. We really regret what we were doing.

But know, I’m much older than before. Of course. With education and information and experience, I less bold. More confident. I think, with Degree, good career, and earn more, I’m more confident to speak. More confident to express my opinion. More confident to make decision.

Bold is important. But bold with stupidity is nonsense. Be bold, with certain limit. Put Iman as the limit, there’s your BOLD.

Confident is the root. Without confident, even you are slim and gorgeous like Soo Young, it won’t work out. I envy people with no-slim body, but confidently dress up. It looks more elegant than whom less confident. People with knowledge but not confident to convince people is not-better than they whom possess confident.

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