Monday, March 28, 2011

So Nyuh She Dae a.k.a Girls Generation

First Row: Yuri, Sunny, Seo Hyun Second Row: Tae Yeon, Yoona, Tiffany Third Row: Jessica, Soo Young, Hyo Yeon

I love So Nyuh Shi Dae. A Lot. SNSD also known as Girls Generation. They got 9 members which represent the ninth group of their agency, SM Entertainment. Their age are between 18 to 21. Interesting about this group, they are not known each other, but they are totally separate entities. but most of them are the trainess at SM entertainment either for 6 moths or 6 years.

Tae Yeon is the leader. She is the shortest. But i think she has the great voice. She got the charismatic of leader.

Hyo Yeon is the dance leader. oh, i love her so much. When i first fall in love with this SNSD, i first fall in love with Hyo Yeon. Her beauty catch my eyes first, then Yuri. hehe. then, i start googling about her. she's so funny and carefree. she got her own personlaity. unfortunately, she got less airing time, compared to others.

Seo Hyun is the maknae a.k.a the youngest. people said she's the preetiest one. is that true? but she's got Korean beauty. i think Korean love that kind of beauty.

Jessica, i'm not so into her. haha.

Soo Young, the tallest one. her leg is absolutely gorgeous.

Sunny, amaze with her vocals. people said she's not so preety. but she got the most kind hearted. i guess it so, coz it can be seen in Hello Baby.

Yuri, she's pretty and fun and loving.

Yoona, 'twin' to Yuri. they are so fun and loving.

Tiffany, i think she's the preetiest. he hair is balck. she's grown up at US. her english is good, compared to others. she got a problem with dance, i think. hehe.

so, did i make a comments for all? yes. they are the loving SNSD. and i'm the Sones.

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