Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Beli dan Beri

I owe my old dearest friend which not so old but quite old. haha. really wonder why he asked me to promote his lots at this my pretty petty blog. huhu. He said 'anis, blog awak kan ramai follower'. ya, so ramai till I can count the comments. hahaha. Ok, forget about comments. Just really glad for overwhelming comments from truly sincere visitor. Rather than just 'yeay, I’m first'. What’s the purpose?

Oh ho. Off the topic.

Ok. This old friend is kind of FEMININ freak. haha. kipas susah mati. But not only that, he really got 'golden collection' from the golden age. So vintage, ok. Just visit the web so you can purchase that vintage a.k.a old skool collection. Yeah, welcome back our memories.. Plus, this also allows us to do some charity. It’s easy. More to say, its non profit web. Lets 'beli and beri'. It’s time for charity. For good deeds.

Visit Beli dan Beri @ My1Stop.my .

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