Friday, September 17, 2010

seriously weh

9.05 am – reach office. OMG, no one at my department. Should there be 4 of us. But no one? I’m late, thought i’m the one who last reach office.

9.33am – still alone. Texting the other 3. One of them, reply with OTW. Other 2, MIA.

9.37 am- seriously weh.

9.43 am – ada la sorang yang reply msg baru sampai. Huh, ada geng gossip.

9.57 am – seriously huh.

10.31 am- Boss texting. ‘siapa ada di ofis? Since the other 2 cakap diorang MC dan EL’. ‘Hanis dan kak syam’. ‘ok, nasib baik. Tq’

12.30 pm - SOGO. Heh.

2.29pm – kembali menatap kerja-kerja

6.00pm – out us go! Happy weekend.

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