Sunday, March 7, 2010

Percy Jackson and The Lighting Thief

Moview preview. Such a long time i’ve no seen any movie. Thankful, me and my sister manage to watch Percy Jackson and The Lighting Thief yesterday at OU, midnite moview, 11.2opm.. hehehe.

So, preview. Preview. Comments?

Its about Percy Jackson who thought he have Autism or ADHD.. coz he always re-structured the words. Until one day his substitute english teacher, Miss Odd turn into Fury and attack him. God. Thats so scary. Seems his best friend and his teacher know about something that he should know but he didnt know.

Percy Jackson is heir of the Poseidon’s brothers. Huh. I hate to story bout those Gods. Got too many Gods. But then, lets just fantasy them. Herm? Percy was accusing to steal the lighting bolt. Haha. Funny, we can steal lighting huh? Ok. Shut up. So, if he didn’t bring back the lighting, there will be a war between those Gods.. so, he have too. Plus, Hades also kidnap his mother at Hell. So, there’s goes the adventure.

Talking bout adventure, yeay, thats such as great adventure. Its so exciting and refreshing. No wands or dementor. Its abaout Olympia.. so, got Medusa (woman with snake as her hair), who can turn people into stone by looking at her eye.. got Hell, Sentore, Satyr.. hehe. Cool. Cant help to wait for the next Percy Jackson. Is there any?

p/s: Percy Jackson got blue eyes color as Meditereanean sea.. so amazing!

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