Sunday, March 7, 2010

oh! maxis yang macam s**l

Think that i’ve youtubing alot recently make my Maxis Broadband reach the limit of usage..*sigh* what the h**l.. quite frustrated coz my maxis BB just allowed me to use up to 3gb (apala sangat 3gig sekarang ni). Wish to switch to another telco but Maxis so ‘clever’ by bond me for 24months a.k.a 2 years. They said, no conract. But if i terminate within 2 years, i’ll be charge rm200. For what? For the modem? I think i need to return the modem.. haih... maxis is so celaka (ambik ko). They so love to charge people easily. Oh! Maxis why i choose u at the first place?????

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