Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kpop Hot

bila dah selalu sangat tengok cerita drama/filem Korea, automatik kita akan hook pada Official Sound Track (OST) nya. bagi aku, cerita yang best juga bergantung pada OST nya. jika OST nya mellow and jarang kedengaran, susah sikir cerita tersebut nak melekat dikepala dan dihati. tapi bila lagunya selalu kedengaran, kita akan cari MP3 nya. simpan dalam hp. buat ringtone. *sigh*.

bila selalu googling or youtubing, akan selalu terjumpa lagu apa yang tengah hot kat Korea sekarang. group apa yang hebat diperkatakan sekarang. download, beb.

so, i would love to share the songs that keep running and playing in my Laptop/mp3 list currently.. its just so refreshing and overwhemling. *sigh*

1. OST Youre Beautiful

· Without a word - Jang Keun Suk ( he got nice voice)

· Still as ever - Lee Hoo k (f.t Island) i a.k.a Jeremy or AnJell themself

· What shal i do ( Otokajo) - Jang Keun Suk a.k.a Hwang Tae Kyung (main lead)

2. One by Epik High

3. Like the First Time by T. Ara

4. Super Girls by Super Junior M

5. Sorry sorry by Super Junior

6. Smile chock chock (for Nivea Lipsbalm) by Brown Eyed Girl (BEG)

7. Love Like This by SS501

8. His Voice by See ya

9. Love Sick by F.T Island

10. After Love by F.T Island

11. OST Take care my agashhi/ My Fair Lady

· Dash Girl

· Hot Stuff by Davinchi

12. 2PM

· Heartbeat

· Again Again

13. Time To Love by T Ara and Supernova

14. Mystery by Beast

15. Wonder Woman by T Ara, Davinchi

16. Change by Hyun Ah

17. Wonder Girl

· No Bory (it hits all over the world in English version)

· Tell Me

· So Hot

· Irony

18. OST Boys Before Flower

· Because I'm stupid by SS501

· Starlight Tears

· i know only love by Horan (played by Geum Jan di in the Jun Pyo's birthday scene)

19. Girls Generation

· Gee

· HaHa

· Chocolate Love for LG's Chocolate's Handphone

20. Insomnia by Whee Sung (cover version from Craig david)

21. I dont care by 2NE1

22. OST Full House

23. OST My Girl

24. Rain's Album ( i love them all, and couldnt provide it all here)

25. OST Beethoven Virus (love all the violins)

26. Time to Love by T Ara n supernova

27. Wonder Woman by T Ara, See Ya n Davichi (love this one a lot!!)

till know, thats what i could remember, those OST, and group and bands from Korea. for me, its refreshing. i love the way they express i love you : Sarangae.. so sweet.

if you provide me newest and coolest song from Korea, let me know. i want to youtubing it.. hehe..

TIPS: go for 4shared download for Mp3s and video. or you might want to try from youtube by copy the url and past it at then you can download them for your safekeeping! (its FLV or MP4, so if you cant play it in WMV, convert it).

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