Saturday, February 20, 2010

Compaq Presio CQ40

agak lega sekarang. sudahnya, aku sudah milik Laptop sendiri. Compaq Presio CQ40. setelah apa yang berlaku pada hari wilayah lepas, aku (dan kami) kehilangan laptop masing-masing. aku teruk jugak, sebab hilang laptop company. ingat senang miliki harta company? Bank pulak tu. percayalah, kerja di bank kamu akan berdepan dengan berbagai Policy, Garis Panduan dan berbagai tatacara lain yang aku kira takkan kamu temui kalau kerja di swasta lain. its different. ok.
setiba aku di office, sesungguhnya aku kebuntuan. tiada laptop sebagai medium untuk melaksanakan kerja. buat report kepada VMO (department yang uruskan laptop). isi surat/borang Audit/Risk. adeih. banyak sungguh aku meng photocopy kan laporan polis. aku dapat Laptop Acer. secondhad, ex boss punya. damn. its too slow. OMG, its just 512mb? damn. minta untuk upgrade memory. but VMO decide untuk replace yang baru terus. ok. thats great. *wink*
then, there goes all the cut over project. which need me to depend a lot to the laptop. which the old laptop need to be on almost 24 hours. and finaaly. Boom! heheh not that worst. the adapter explode. funny, i didnt even realize until one of the board manager (who is waiting for the decision meeting) told me bout the smoke which just came out from the adpater. damn. then, i cant used the laptop anymore. lucky me, i manage to survive the docs.
then, i station at comman centre. and i sit at a place which provide PC. huh. lucky. then my non stop 11 days working start. i even worked on sunday. the emails form branches keep coming. not just from the 4 branches that i've taken care, but its BANK WIDE! its so tiring.
then, i (and marissa) thought that we could have a break on the friday, since Eastern is off. but, GOD! the boss keep rejecting our request! i've tried a lot of excuses, try to make 'muka comel', but it didnt works at all. till i used harsh words, hoping he would understand. and finaaly, we manage to get the half day leave n friday, but with condition, we need to come over on Tuesday (its Gong Xi Fa Chai holiday!!).. urghhh!
ok, thats diff story actually. berbalik kepada VMO which promise me a new laptop. till yesterday, they said my laptop will delivered just another witihn 1 or 2 weeks! WTH?! then what i'm supposed to do when i get back to my old sattaion (which clearly provide no PC).? then, iasked for Desktop atleast. but they said, 'takda langsung, even oir new DM didint receive Notebook or PC'.. dia orang baru, got now task yet. grr.
so, dengan rasa bengang nya (sebab bos aku pun seems blur, what to do with my problem), aku pon ke Lowyat pada hari Khamis (ketika lunch tau) untuk beli laptop. so, got this Laptop, which cost me RM1860 (windows 7, microsoft office, HP bag pack, and those free gifts). Puas hati aku!


gadis merah jambu said...

sy pon ad satu~! :D

hanys said...

oh awak, kita berkongsi benda yang serupa :)

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