Sunday, January 3, 2010

my wish list.. wish wish!

Before get married, I wish I could:

1. own a nice car, not so expensive, but affordable and first hand (granted)
2. take my family for holiday every year, (at least) with my bonus (granted)
3. bawak family yang belum pernah naik kapal terbang (will granted, insya Allah next week)
4. support my sister for her study (granted)
5. bought my mom branded handbag, clothes (granted)
6. help my dad (granted)
7. own a good carrier (Alhamdulillah, granted as grad from UIA)
8. travel to oversea, especially Korea..(tengah plan ni)
9. get engaged with him at least 6months before married (tengah plan ni)
10. own a hot body (hahahaha! Try so ‘not hard’)
11. bought flat at wangsa maju then rent it. So, bila bergaduh ngan laki boleh lari ku umah ni nanti. Hahaha. Investment for future. ( dalam perancangan)
12. make sure my sis and lil bro wont be left out once I get married. Hopefully!

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