Thursday, May 21, 2009

i hate Susan Mayer

Ok, I admit, I hate Susan Mayer in Desperate Housewives. She’s annoying. Totally annoying. If I were at Catherine’s place, I’ll gave her flying kick..hai yak!!
Oh God, she’s worst. Busy body, selalu sangat menuduh benda and mengumpat kat kawan-kawan atas satu benda/perkara yang tak pasti.
Paling tahap benci naik mendadak last Tuesday (19/5) nyer series. She forced Mike to take care of their MJ, even Mike got a job to do. Then, Mike minta Catherine jaga. Of course, Catherine will pampered him with great food. Then Susan pisses off. Don’t know why. For me, if Catherine can help them, care of MJ, so why not, rite? Paling bengang, She just prepared sandwich butter to MJ for lunch. WTH? bila MJ minta Panini, she said, I don’t know. Hello, American Food is so easy to prepared lorr. Suh masak gulai lemak cili padi ayam, baru tahu. Then Mj pergi rumah Catherine jus for eat. Apa lagi, marah la si Susan tu. She said that Catherine is very cunning, try to steal her son. I think la kan, she’s jealous of Catherine n Mike. So annoying!

p/s: I love Bree a lot. She’s amazing. Even she’s sometimes lacking in terms f communication. I adore Gaby during her hard times. i like edi's body, mantap! How about you, readers? bagila komen sket, if u watch DH.. takan baca je kot.. huhu

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Ramhaimi said...

i love gaby la....mantap tu...hihihihihi
tapi dah tak ikut DH kali...masa 1st series dulu tak pernah miss tau...

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